The claws and paws of WHS: Meet our pets



COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down in the past seven weeks. It has people staying home, spending more time with their immediate family. It also has people spending much more time with their furry and scaly friends. Here is your a dose of cute animals that you never knew you needed. 

This is Rambo. He is two years old and he is a Shih-Poo. He has a brother named Romeo who is also a Shih-Poo and is fifteen years old. Rambo is very loud and wild. He loves to play and squeak his green ball. He also enjoys trying to steal Romeo’s toys.  Photo Courtesy of Julia Fortner, 9

This is Beans. She is nine years old and is a Ragdoll Cat. She was adopted from a family who was unable to take care of her. She is very needy and likes to be up in your personal space. Photo Courtesy of Sophia Novak, 10

This is Waffles. He will be turning one year old on May 6 and is a Basset Hound. Waffles is very energetic and loves to play. A fun fact about him is that he enjoys eating apple cores. Photo Courtesy of Simeon Schmitt, 10

This is Kitty. She is a Black Calico Cat and is twelve years old. She doesn’t like dogs and often keeps to herself. She loves attention and usually likes to hide, only coming out a few times a day. Photo Courtesy of Joshua Heller, 12

This is Crush, named after the turtle in the movie Finding Nemo. He is four years old and has grown a lot since he was first born. He is a Yellow Belly Turtle and is supposed to live for over twenty years.  Photo Courtesy of Rachael Robinson, 11

This is Chase. He is nine years old and is a Pug-Lab mix. Chase loves to get ice cream, go for walks, and play with his mallard toy.  Photo Courtesy of  Kara Moore, 9

This is Nibbly. He is a Bearded Dragon. Laney and her boyfriend split the cost of him. They have had him for a little over two weeks. He likes to nibble on all the little critters, like crickets and mealworms. He is also starting to become very fast and he doesn’t like to stay still for anything.  Nibbly likes to take naps on anyone’s finger.  Photo Courtesy of Laney Jackson, 10

This is Boo. He is about thirteen years old and he is an Albino Chinchilla. He is the father of Talia, as well as many other litters throughout the years. Because of his age, Boo has lost vision in both of his eyes. He loves yogurt drops and is scared of his dust bath container.  Photo Courtesy of Cassie Lemasters, 10 

This is Greg. He is a Holland Lop and he just turned four years old. Ironically, he doesn’t like carrots. Greg enjoys sitting outside. Photo Courtesy of Faith Ligas, 10

This is Bear. He is an Australian Shepherd and is two years old. He likes to bark, wiggle his butt, and chase toys. Photo Courtesy of Trey Shaffer, 12