Bosco’s Pizza opens in Wadsworth

BY KADE MIROS A family business named Bosco’s Pizza Kitchen recently opened in Wadsworth, bringing a different and new perspective to pizza, wings, salad, pasta and much more. The business first opened in Wooster six years ago in 2014 and both locations are both owned by Angelo Yacapraro along with his father Carl Yacapraro Jr. “Wadsworth was a town that we liked, there was some familiarity and family here,” said Angelo Yacopraro. “When you look at the demographics it was very strong with a lot of young families, and high population density.”  The Yacopraro family has been in the restaurant … Continue reading Bosco’s Pizza opens in Wadsworth

3 classic movies and TV shows to wrap up quarantine

OPINION BY EMILY BRANDYBERRY The Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone finds a way to mix drama, horror, science-fiction, and superstition perfectly to make a fun quirky TV show. Released between 1959 and 1964 in all black and white, each episode has a very different plot that typically ends with a shocking ending. This show is perfect for someone who enjoys sitting down for one or two episodes and does not want to worry about cliffhangers. Viewers can also start anywhere in the series and not be confused because none of the episodes are connected. Narrator Rod Sterling has the perfect … Continue reading 3 classic movies and TV shows to wrap up quarantine

Child care during COVID-19

BY GRACE PANTALONE Many parents are home watching their children, teaching their children and doing their regular jobs, but how are parents taking care of them and making sure that they get their school work done while managing their busy work schedules? Some children are being put in day cares while others are staying home with their parents while they work. Older children can teach themselves their school work, entertain themselves and help the younger children. But families with only younger children might have to be more hands on.  Kelli Anderson works for the Summit County Adult Probation as a … Continue reading Child care during COVID-19