Wadsworth Boys Varsity Baseball Ranked State Wide

The Wadsworth High School Boys Varsity Baseball team is ranked eighth place in the state of Ohio according to MaxPreps and fifteenth in the state of Ohio according to the OHSBCA, at the time of publication. The Varsity team holds a 15-3 overall with a 10-0 in the Suburban League. 

The Freshman team holds a 7-5, JV holds a 12-6, and Varsity holds 15-3 overall with a 10-0 in the Suburban League. 

Alex Neville a senior and player on Varsity has been having a very successful season. 

“The expectation is always to win the league, which we have done 7 of the last 9 years under Coach Pickard. The next goal is to win a district final, which we came just short of last year, but we know we can do it this year,” said Neville.

Although the Varsity team struggled slightly at the beginning of the season due to injuries, they have made a comeback.

“We have had some injuries before and during the season, myself included, but we have plenty of guys who are ready when their number is called. We are a very resilient bunch with tons of talented players,” said Neville.

Even with players injured the Varsity boys continue to keep a successful winning streak, giving them a good look into the playoffs.

“What makes this team special is the love we all have for one another. We all joke around with each other and hang out outside of just baseball. Doesn’t matter if you are a senior, junior, or sophomore, we are all one team, ” said Neville.

Alex Neville, Senior steps up to the plate to bat. Neville plays for varsity. which has a 15-0 overall season record. Photo by Katie Bassinger.

Being the highest-seeded team in the district and now that they have won the league, their eyes are on a district final title. Which is in very good reach for Wadsworth Varsity boys.

Leyton Gabler, who plays freshman and JV, has been off to a great start himself. 

 “I see the season going very well, hopefully being one of the top teams in the suburban league this year and having a winning record as they have had the past couple of years,” said Gabler.

 The season has gone well for him this year, although the adjustment from the summer travel league back to high school has been a struggle due to last-minute schedule changes throughout the year. 

“The thing that I have enjoyed most about this season is the brotherhood of the sport and how much you have to work together making strong relationships with the guys you play with is very important if you wanna succeed in your career,” said Gabler

Something he hopes to accomplish by the end of the season is to just be a positive person to teammates and also work on the small little details that are required for him to become a better baseball player.