Middle School City League Basketball Needs High Schoolers To Coach

Don Moore, the commissioner of City League Basketball, is in need of high schoolers to coach the 7th and 8th graders in their upcoming season in January.  Moore’s basketball league still has 3 spots left for high schoolers to head coach their own team.

A Zips’ point guard is seen pushing the ball up court. City League basketball games are played in the Auxiliary and Main gyms of the middle school.


Head coaches are able to bring their friends as assistant coaches to provide extra help during practices, and games.

“[I chose to coach] because two of my friends were doing it and I wanted to coach my friend’s brother, said Wadsworth sophomore Marty Stys.

Wadsworth High Schoolers have been coaching middle school City League for many years.

Garrett Clark, 2021 Wadsworth graduate, was asked what was the most rewarding part about coaching City League.

“The most rewarding part was being able to interact with the kids, and make an environment that they actually enjoyed coming to for practices and games,” Clark said.

For Seniors who are still looking for volunteer hours, City League coaching is an eligible source.

“[City League basketball can] help give back to the community, and make lasting impressions on the kids,” said Tim Edurese, a Wadsworth High senior.

Those who are interested are encouraged to contact Don Moore’s email [email protected].

City League Coach Garrett Clark is seen posing with his assistant coaches, and team after winning the City League playoffs. All City League teams make the playoffs, and have a chance to be champions.