Students compete in intramural basketball at WHS


Intramural basketball started back up at Wadsworth High School this weekend. This extra curricular gives students a chance to play pressure-free games with their friends. Intramural sports give students the opportunity to play competitively with one another without the high stress and intensity that comes with typical high school sports.

Students sign up with up to 10 teammates of their choice and compete in at least six games against another team from the Wadsworth league. The games take place on Saturday mornings over the winter. Athletes play 5 vs. 5 for two 12 minute halves– with a three minute halftime break in between. 

At the end of the six weeks, there is an elimination tournament between the 12 teams in the league to determine the year’s champions.  In the past, winning teams have received a t-shirt, however, this year Zach Humrichouser is hoping to be able to reward a small trophy.

WHS teachers Robert Lynn, Zach Humrichouser, and Michael Lee volunteer to organize and ref the games. They work with the YMCA and athletic department to provide courts each Saturday morning throughout the winter.

Humrichouser explained that this program has shown to be popular throughout the past few years with 10-12 teams signing up each season. 

“There’s really a lot of support from other students for the basketball teams, even if they aren’t participating they are still involved by going to the games and cheering on,” Humrichouser said. 

Several teams taking a picture together after their game. A lot of students play during their offseason of other sports and activities. “It’s a great way to participate in activities outside of school without the pressure of normal sports,” Kuzmik said.

Ethan Kuzmik, junior at WHS, signed up with seven of his friends this year. This group chose the team name of “Scandy” for this season, inspired by the Wadsworth alumn Logan Scandlon, coach of the WMS wrestling team and popular content creator on YouTube. 

“It’s able to get me out and exercise on the weekends with my friends and have a blast,” Kuzmik said.

Any student not already on a WHS basketball team is eligible to sign up. To participate next year simply contact Lynn, Humrichoser, or Lee to get more information.