Homecoming 2K17



On Saturday, October 14, hundreds of Wadsworth High School students gathered for the Homecoming Dance, a tradition that’s been celebrated by Americans since the early 1900s.

From 8 to 11 p.m., students danced in the high school’s gymnasium, as a DJ played music on loud speakers. Every year around the time of a dance, music is a hot topic of debate. Some students have nothing but complaints about the lack of songs they wanted to hear being played, or the amount of songs they absolutely didn’t want to hear being played, but this year that number of students seems to have decreased.

“The music was really good this year, and the dance as a whole was the most fun one we’ve had,” said Hannah Toolis, 12.

Aside from the music, there was also a photo booth and a concession stand in the cafeteria for people who wanted to take a break from the hot air that filled the gym. While these measures did help serve as a distraction, many students believe something else should’ve been done.

“My only complaint about the dance is that the gym was too hot. Everyone started to drip sweat and it’s disgusting. I think industrial fans should be placed close to, and facing, the crowd during dances,” explained Katie Johnson, 12.

Another possible conflict surfaced last year, when it was announced that no more outside guests were to be brought to high school dances (excluding Prom). This year, that rule stood, however, Mr. Moore permitted only seniors to bring outside guests, as long as they were under the age of 21.

Overall, many students believe this was one of the best dances our school has seen recently, and the amount of things they would like to see change is miniscule.