Pep rally sends Girls Basketball team of to State



The pep rally that was held yesterday started off with the marvelous march of the first ever bowling team to place at states, followed by the wrestling team, with state heavy-weight champion Jordan Earnest bringing up the rear.

For the dramatists in the crowd, Principal Mr. Moore turned on a fog maker to pump them up, and out of the mist walked the hopeful, yet disciplined, girls basketball team.

Now “enough was enough” said Mr. Berg as he took the microphone and made his way toward center court. He began his speech to enthuse the audience and to rally the fighting spirit of the student body. He said that the epic story of our basketball team did not start with Solon, and will not end with them either. He then led the packed gymnasium in his now infamous “Berg’s chant”.


After Berg’s speech concluded, Coach Booth of the girls basketball team came from the crowd to give a speech of his own. He spoke of his experience two years ago and his memories of how it all played out. Booth said that there was a party for a week after they won the state title two years ago and how he hopes he will get to see another one this weekend.

Sending the girls out with the roaring applause from the audience, the clapping hands of the student body echoed through the halls as they head for the busses, hopeful to return with the title in hand.

The girls team stands at center court as they get recognized for their great season and possibility to win the state title. Photo by Colin Wright