Student Council rolls out new executive board for 2020-2021 school year



Each year, the Wadsworth High School Student Council holds an election to vote in its new members to its executive board, and the results are in for this year’s election. The positions include student body president, sophomore/junior vice president, junior/senior vice president, and secretary. All positions are campaigned by a member who has at least one year of student council experience, and they have each given the Bruin a detailed profile of themselves. Here are the new members. 

Mason Currens: President 


Mason Currens is a four-year member of Student Council and is involved in Interact Club, Bible Study, the Drama Department, Show Choir, and the Lacrosse team. Currens expressed a desire to get involved in the student body. 

“I think that the Student Council could be more involved in the student body,” said Currens. “I think this can be achieved through more school spirit, more student activities.” 

While Currens expresses an eagerness to face challenges he also expresses a desire to use the bully pulpit.

“I ran for president because I enjoy being in a position of leadership,” he said. “People will be looking up to me and watching me, which makes me want to show them my best.”

Isaac Machar: Vice President 

While the situation of the coronavirus may be daunting and discouraging to some, Isaac Machar sees the situation as a chance to get a head start on next year’s work. 

“I would love to start in-person planning right now so that we can start over the summer and jump right into next year as soon as possible,” said Machar. “I think executive board Zoom meetings and planning can still be beneficial if we start at home before returning to school.” 

Machar already has a very active schedule within the high school, including being the president of the Speech and Debate Club, a band member, the Drama Department, Grizzly Leader Academy, Show Choir, and National Honor Society. Machar’s decision to run was not in his original plans, but his decision to run led to him winning a position. 

“I was super hesitant to run for an executive board position, but encouragement from my peers really convinced me that it would be a good experience,” he said.

Rachel Murphy: Vice President  

Rachel Murphy served as class president for the class of 2022 for the last two years, and also is involved in the Grizzly Leader Academy and both the cross country and track teams. Despite her current involvement, Murphy aspires to do even more with her new position. 

“I am most eager to take a bigger responsibility to help our school,” said Murphy. “I am excited to do more behind the scenes work in planning school events.”

 While Murphy is an incoming junior, she hinted at perhaps having aspirations of running for the position of president in the future.

“I ran for the sophomore/junior student body Vice President because I feel that it is a good position to take on more responsibility, but since I am only a sophomore now, I know I have more to learn if I want to be student body president,” she said.

Kayla Tavanello: Secretary 

While some members come in with a broad range of ideas, Kayla Tavanello has specific issues she plans to take care of while serving as the Student Council Secretary.

“The council will be meeting frequently with Mr. Moore next year to attempt a ‘beautification’ process to combat the lack of character on the building’s walls,” said Tavanello. “I feel as if I can ensure that this process will heavily involve student participation and feedback in livening up Wadsworth High School.” 

Tavanello is involved with the Grizzly Leadership Academy, National Honor Society, has a part-time job, and does a number of community volunteer activities. She hopes to bring her experience in the school and in the community to help Student Council achieve its goals.

“I felt that I had a lot more to give to the council, that is one reason I wanted to step up and become part of the exec board,” she said.

The 2019-2020 Student Council executive board meets with a few aspiring candidates for the  2020-2021 executive board. Photo by Logan Egleston