Help Wadsworth High Stop It



The newest way that technology is helping improve the school is through the use of the latest app: “Stop It”. This app was built to help students in their efforts to stop bullying and promotes general respect for the school. The administration hopes that the ability to report issues anonymously will encourage more students to speak out.

Once downloading the app, students are given the opportunity to report issues immediately after, or before, they have occurred. All that’s asked is students register under their school’s code. The code for Wadsworth High is “WHSGRIZZLIES”. The reporting page gives students the opportunity to type a quick description of the incident, providing as much detail as possible. Such details could include the time of the incident and how the incident was brought to attention. In addition to typing details, there is an option to upload a picture that could possibly help the administration investigate the problem.

stop it
An example of what reporting an incident on the Stop It app would look like once a student enters their school’s code. Photo Courtesy of Matt Moore

The problem with the app seems to be that students are not aware of it yet. A few posters are posted throughout the school but few people actually pay attention to them.

“I have seen the posters before but I do not have the app” said Colin Wilson, 11.

However, some students find the app very effective.

“The Stop It app is very comprehensive and is a good back up to have just in case you have a problem” said Sam Eggleton, 12.

A copy of the report is emailed to administrators, which include the school resource officers. When they receive the report they only get the information reported by the students. That means if students do not not to provide their names they will not be shared and they will be safe from any possible backlash. However, if students do choose to provide their name and grade, they may be pulled for questioning which will help in stopping the problem.

While Stop It is relatively new, administration hopes that it helps promote respect for the school and make sure everyone is following the rules.