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New Year, New Changes at WHS



This year, the first day came with a slew of new rules and a new schedule. The biggest change this year is the addition of an academic lab (AL). This AL period is for every student in the school and gives them an extra hour of time to use at their discretion. The purpose of this is to give every student,especially those involved with extracurriculars, the opportunity to get work done in school.

However, some disagree with the addition of this mandatory study hall. Most of the opposition is composed of upperclassman.

“As a senior, the only good thing about the Academic Lab period is that I don’t have to be there,” said Vincent Lobello, 12.  

Time is a resource, and in high school it can be a difficult thing for students to properly manage. The extra period, while providing extra time, comes a few setbacks as well, such as changes to the time schedule.  

“It messes up the schedule to the point where it’s annoying,” said Lobello.

This year there will only be 4 minutes between classes compared to 5 last year. In addition to taking the time in between classes, the classes themselves were also shortened by 3 minutes and the school day was extended by 4. Lunches are also now overlapping by five minutes, making an already congested area even more crowded.

Another controversial change this year is the ban on all headphones. Students are no longer allowed to wear them during study hall or lunch. While the ban is schoolwide, teachers can decide their policy within their own classroom.

“This is the case of the many being punished because of the few,” said Mr. Berlin during the senior meeting. 

The final change that has been instated this year is the demerit system. This system is based on the earning of what is called a demerit. You can earn these by being late to class, violating dress code, and being subordinate. If you earn three within the year, you get a 30 minute detention. As you increase the number of demerits, the level of severity of punishment will increase as well. Demerits are up to teacher and administrator discretion and can be given at any time.

Among all these changes, Mr. Moore and his staff ensure students that the 2018-2019 school year will be the best year yet. No matter your thoughts or opinions on the changes, the school year is in full swing.


What are your thoughts on the new earbud policy?

“It’s the worst thing to happen to WHS.” Matt Sboray, 12
“You are punishing 95% for 5%.” Seth Beldean, 12
“We can’t even listen in study hall? C’mon man!” Ashton Martinez, 12

What do you think about the new IE periods?

“I think it’s helpful but having to have a pass the day before to see a teacher could be difficult.” Megan Callahan, 11
“I like it because it gives me more time to complete my class work and gives me a break from school.” Abe Haprian, 11
“I like how we can go talk to teachers and get help because it’s hard to do that in study hall. I do wish we could talk to others more so that we could collaborate on homework.” Allie Merhar, 11
“I think it’s good for students who don’t have a study hall but not for those in college credit plus who already get many study hall periods throughout the day.” Emily Kurtz, 11

What do you think of the new lunch system?

“I think it should be changed because it is annoying having a lot of people around me.” Parker Brown, 10
“It does not really impact me that much so I don’t have an opinion.” Jake Schnelzer, 11
“The new lunch format is more efficient but I like the old way better.” Joel Williams, 11
“I don’t think it’s a big deal because it does not disrupt people eating.” Ryan Nagel, 11

What do you think about the new demerit system?

“It’s not going to be taken very seriously by teachers. It’s kind of pointless.” Ana Simarro, 11
“I don’t like it because I don’t really understand what it is.” Heath Pelkey, 11

“It’s fine. Three strikes is a good system.” Zach Patterson, 10

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New Year, New Changes at WHS