The last months of high school



The last few weeks of the school year, the hallways are abuzz with chatter. Students talk about their upcoming classes and which teachers they would or would not like to have. Meanwhile, seniors are talking about another topic that in itself can be daunting: college.

Seniors first have to figure out what they want to do after graduation. College or not, this can be stressful for the individual. If a senior does decide they want to go to college, then him or her will have to think about what they would like to study. This within itself is hard enough, let alone finding a college with their interests that will accept them.

Different colleges have different things that they want to see in their students. For example, even if an applicant meets all of the deadlines and requirements for that college, there is still the chance that the college will accept someone else over said applicant, due to reasons such as what they did in the past.

If able to apply and attend the college, then the former senior faces finding work, housing, and numerous other struggles.

“Trying to become friends with different people will probably be the next step once I get settled in, “ says Brittney Hutchison, 12, who is going to Kent State University.

Brittney’s worries are not uncommon for students going to college.

“The last few months of high school have been kind of crazy. [Seniors looking to attend universities]  have to fill out applications for scholarships to try to get money for school and then [they] obviously have to get accepted. Then [they] have to visit those colleges to see if [they] really want to go there. Once [they] get accepted to college, then [they] have to adjust to the workload,“ says  David Griffin, 12 who will  be going to Dayton University.

However hard college seems to be, many agree that it is worth the effort.

Latin two students take one of the final tests of the year. PHOTO BY MITCHELL PUDELSKI