Students enjoy Spring Fling dance [Photo Slideshow]


Students from across the district joined at the Wadsworth City Schools administration building for the Spring Fling, a dance and get together for special needs students. They enjoyed music, dancing, and food while spending time with their peers.

2023 was the first year that the Spring Fling occurred, but IEP teacher Haley Duerr said that they hope this will be a recurring event.

“I think we want to keep building upon this and even see if other districts might be interested in a group thing in the future,” Duerr said. “We’re excited for the turnout and it’s nice to see everyone come together.”

Inspired by the students’ love of music, the idea to have a dance was born.

“All of the IEP teachers came together and said that we wanted to do something fun this spring, and all the kids love to dance and love music, and we have a music therapist who comes to all of our classes, and we just thought it would be fun to do music things all together,” Duerr said.

The event was able to include other students district-wide. Prior to the dance, some girls got their hair and nails done by students in the cosmetology Four Cities Compact class in Barberton.

Those who attended cited the food, music, and company as the best part of the dance.

“I like all my friends and the music,” said senior David Rutherford.