Wadsworth student, Myles Fortner’s single “Abandoned ” set to debut


Wadsworth High School senior, Myles Fortner, is set to debut his first single, “Abandoned”, on December 25th, 2022. 

Fortner is one of Wadsworth’s many musically involved students, having solos in nearly every choir concert, participating in the top performance choir, and other solo endeavors. 

“I’ve always been drawn to creating something of my own,” Fortner said.

Photo Courtesy of Myles Fortner

Fortner has been working on this project for 9 months, starting last April. Fortner worked with Brian Wick, a local producer, to create this song. Wick approached Fortner after a WHS choir concert to begin recording music. Fortner had been playing around with writing songs prior to Wick’s approach. Wick has a studio that Fortner recorded out of. 

“We just started molding ideas together, and now we’re here, putting out a single,” Fortner said. 

Many WHS students have shown support for Fortner’s song by spreading the word and reposting promotional stories on various social media platforms. With all this support, Fortner hopes that the ideas of the song will stick with his teenage audience. 

“I mean it absolutely could [become popular with the WHS student body], I honestly have no idea how people are going to take it because it is definitely not your everyday radio song but at the same time it’s mainstream,” Fortner said. “Personally being a teenager, if I heard this song I would want to listen to it, it’s not everyone’s style of music, but the only thing that matters is the message and that my story gets told.”

Fortner explained what he was inspired to write about.

“It [the song] is really about teenage love and angst, and being pissed off about things you can’t control,” Fortner said. 

The song is based on his own experiences with love and his attempts to navigate through high school relationships. 

Fortner is hoping to go to a music college and pursue music as a career in the future. 

“It’s cool listening to other people’s music, but whenever you put something out and it’s what you felt and what you went through, you don’t have to try to find something that you can relate to, it’s your story,” Fortner said. 

“Abandoned”, is available for pre-save on Spotify and is set to come out on Christmas Day of 2022.