Varsity Boys Lacrosse wins first ever Suburban League Title



Wadsworth Boys Varsity Lacrosse has made history this past week by being the first team in program history to win the Suburban League title. The team is ranked 6th in the region 2 conference with a shooting percentage 0.153 higher than the #1 ranked team. 

The team is led by Senior Captains Billy Hreha, Kaden Geiger, and Dawson Yoder as well as junior captains Benny Miller and Josh Pasco. Miller believes that all captains can be seen displaying leadership and determination during practices and games, which is why they were chosen by the coaches to aid in leading the team.

This is Coach Milano’s first year as head coach and is already making huge strides for the program. Milano is also a freshman science teacher at WHS, being able to balance his profession with a winning team is a big accomplishment being a first year head coach. He can be described as ‘putting his whole heart into every game and practice’ by his athletes. 

 “The first year Milano is head coach and we have a winning culture,” said Benny Miller, a junior midfielder and captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team. 

Having a ‘winning culture’ allows for the team to bring the win for the last game into the next, and have a bond of trust within the team that they can work together to win. 

“Having the confidence going into each game that we can win no matter who we play against,” Miller said. “It’s a great feeling.”

Because of varsity’s countless hours of practice, play making, early morning and after school lifts, their hard work can be seen on the field. This led to the young varsity team devastating Highland high school in a 19-0 match up to win the Suburban League title. Following the title, the team is working hard to maintain their status in the league to leave a lasting legacy on the lacrosse program.