Wadsworth High celebrates Junior class with annual Junior Banquet

Wadsworth High celebrates Junior class with annual Junior Banquet


Wadsworth High School’s Junior Banquet was held on Friday, April 22, at The Galaxy in Wadsworth. The dance only permitted students of the junior class and was held from 7-10 p.m.

(back, left to right) Kellen McComas, Elliot Simmons, Aaron Keating, Kyle Yurchiak
(front, left to right) Maverick Blackburn, Alex Neville (photo courtesy of Alex Neville)
Photo courtesy of Alex Neville

The dance included dinner, an ice cream bar, and a DJ. Jenna Ruether, WHS junior who attended the dance, said she really enjoyed the DJ.

“The DJ took requests which I think everyone enjoyed,” Ruether said. “He also listened when we didn’t like the song he was playing.”

One of the biggest differences between Junior Banquet and other high school dances is that the dress attire is all over the place. Most of the girls dress up in formal dresses, but the guys wear more casual, different clothing. 

Mckenna Jackson, junior at WHS, thought that Junior Banquet was one of the better dances in comparison to Homecoming and Winter Formal.

“I liked that it was only our class and that we could all spend time with each other,” said Jackson. “ I also enjoyed that it was at the Galaxy and we could get food and drinks whenever we wanted, unlike the dances at the high school.”

The dance had a great turnout with approximately three-fourths of the junior class in attendance. All of the tables were full and a lot of people had a great time. 

(From left to right) Mya Garcia, Grace Swain, Lily Chesbro, Kenzie McCuen, Jasmine Youngblood, Maddy McCuen, and Claire Whitaker. Photo courtesy of Tessa Blake
(from left to right) Jenna Ruether, Tessa Blake, Rebecca Logodice, and Kenzie Brandenburg. Photo courtesy of Tessa Blake