Wadsworth seniors celebrate ‘Senior Night’ with win over Twinsburg



Wadsworth High School had its senior night, honoring the seniors that play on the football team and in the band against the Twinsburg Tigers last Friday, October 22, 2021. The Grizzlies had an amazing game, winning 47-7. The Grizzlies had two defensive touchdowns. One was a failed snap from the Tigers that led to a touchdown after the ball had been kicked around.

Before the game, senior members of the football team, the cheerleading squad, and the school marching band were invited to march onto the field with their parents to acknowledge their last Friday night under the lights of Art Wright Stadium.

The Bruin talked to three of these seniors to learn how they felt about their time in each of their organizations.

Hailey Smith – Varsity Cheerleader

Hailey Smith and her parents Mrs. and Mr. Smith. Smith has been a cheerleader all four years of high school. PHOTO BY MASON BURTON

“I’ve been cheering since my freshman year up until my senior year,” said Hailey Smith. “I’m definitely excited to be here, but it’s very bittersweet because it’s my last game”

For some of the students, the Friday night football game is a great rush of adrenaline.

“Honestly my favorite part is when we run out before the football players do just because my adrenaline is so high it’s almost the best part,” said Smith.

Some parents feel the same way the kids do that they can not believe that they are already to this point in their children’s lives.

“I can’t believe we are already at this point of senior year. In a blink of an eye, she is a senior, she was just little,” said Mr.and Mrs.Smith. Hailey Smith was one of six seniors on the cheer team. 

Anthony Cirino – Varsity Football

Anthony Cirino and his parents Mrs. and Mr. Cirino. Cirino plays wide receiver for the Wadsworth High School football team. PHOTO BY MASON BURTON

“I have been playing football for 13 years,” said Anthony Cirino.

Some of the students on the team have spent most of their life playing the sport they love.

“It’s unreal. I do not know how I got here this quickly,” said Cirino.  The four years of high school goes by way faster than some people may think. “It’s crazy it all came by this quickly.”

There is usually always one game that the players will remember the most. For Cirino, it was the game against Avon. For parents of the athletes and band members, this can be a very emotional night.

“It just feels bittersweet, it doesn’t even feel real I can’t believe we are here,” said Mr.and Mrs. Cirino. “I’m most proud of him because he gives everything that he has to his team since he was five years old.”

Wadsworth Football has fifteen seniors graduating this year. 

Josh Carlson – WHS Marching Band

Josh Carlson and his parents Mrs. and Mr. Carlson. Carlson is the assistant trumpet section leader. PHOTO BY MASON BURTON

“I’ve been in a band since fifth grade, it’s been a long time,” said Josh Carlson.

Carlson plays trumpet for the Wadsworth High School Band and is the assistant section leader.

“Happiness, just happiness,” said Carlson when asked how he felt walking across the field.

Some participants felt strong emotions for the last game.

“It’s kinda sad.  It’s sad but good,” said Carlson.

Carlson’s parents felt just as Carlson did.

“Happy, I’m just proud of my son,’’ said Mr. and Mrs. Carlson.

Carlson was one of thirty-five seniors graduating from the Marching Band this year. 

Below are pictures of the groups honored at senior night this past Friday. The groups include those in the band, the cheerleaders, and the football team.