Valley Cafe owners set to open gelato shop



Nicole and B.J. Mikoda, owners of Valley Cafe, recently bought the Strand located on the Square in Wadsworth. They plan on turning the historic building into a new restaurant called Dolce. Dolce means sweet in Italian and will be serving desserts, gelato, and wine. 

This is the future spot for the new Gelato restaurant, Dolce. Photo by Emily Brandyberry.

“A new place to eat in downtown will be good for Wadsworth,” said Janet Hoover, 11. “It will attract new customers who will then walk around and visit other businesses.”

The menu at Dolce will be much different from the Valley Cafe. Valley Cafe serves food for breakfast and lunch, while Dolce will be serving up typical Italian desserts such as cannolis, tiramisu, and biscotti.

“I love Italian desserts, so I’m really excited for it to open,” said Leah Bardar, 12.

The main attraction at Dolce will be its home-made gelato. Gelato is an Italian ice cream made with milk, sugar, and very little egg. For those people that cannot have dairy, they will be serving sorbet which is fruit based.

The Valley Cafe owners hope to have their new investment open by Christmas, but they have a lot of work ahead before that can happen. In the meantime, the citizens of Wadsworth will have to wait for their new dining experience.