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Three candidates run for two available seats on school board


Come November 5, the Wadsworth City School Board will be seeing some changes among its members. In a three-way race, current board president Linda Kramer and Wadsworth residents Jill Stevens and Nicholas Kovalchik are running for the two available positions. The three answered pressing questions to help inform voters, in order to help make their decisions.

Linda Kramer:

Tell us your story

 “I have lived all my life in Wadsworth, my mom, husband, I and three children all graduated here. On the board I am on the Business Advisory Council, policy committee and Mental Health Committee and am president of the board this year. I also tutor in the schools. I have received honors from The Ohio School Board Association. I am on the executive committee for the NE region. In the community I belong to the Historical Society and the Drug Coalition, am active in the Methodist church, serving on the finance committee, church council and the church librarian.”

What is your motivation to run for election on the school board?

“If re-elected to the board of education I will continue doing all I have been and have a few more projects I would like to do.”

What will be your goals for the school board?

“We have some pressing issues coming up on the board, continuing issue of Central school, when will we need a levy, keeping the district as great as it is which is an everyday issue.”

Jill Stevens:

Tell us your story

“I’ve been married for almost 31 years to my husband Dave. We have lived in Wadsworth for 27 years and have three children; Amanda (2013 grad), Megan (2016) and Adam (class of 2020).  I’ve worked at Westfield for 25 years, where I am the National Customer Service Leader, responsible for our customer facing operations. I grew up in a military family, my Dad was in the Coast Guard for 22 years.  We moved often growing up; I am living in my 34th house.”

If elected, how would you calculate a successful term for yourself?

“We selected Wadsworth primarily due to the excellent school system.  A key measure of success for me is leaving something even better than you found it, which would mean the continuation of an excellent district.  Personally, I know I offer extensive leadership experience, business experience, and a passion for servant leadership. I plan to involve myself in as many areas as possible to better understand the opportunities within the district.”

What is your motivation to run for election on the school board?

“Growing up as I did, I knew I wanted to establish roots in a community.  I feel very fortunate to have found Wadsworth. I am motivated by service and the school board is a great fit for my passions of service, education, leadership, and children.  I also knew I wanted to wait until my kids were through high school so as not to impact their experience. As I look ahead to the next chapter being an empty nester, the school board is a great fit.”

What will be your goals for the school board?

“Priority number one is listening and learning to our staff, teachers, students, parents, and board to understand the challenges and opportunities for our district.  The good news is that we have an awesome board in place and an excellent school district, which provides the opportunity and time to first understand.”

What do you feel the current school board has done well? Is there something that you would hope to change or be more attentive towards?

“I think our board has done a good job of transparent leadership and district wide involvement.  I have a keen interest in the societal pressures of our students today and look forward to being part of the mental wellness committee.”

Nicholas Kovalchik

Tell us your story

“My wife, Rosita, and I moved to Wadsworth a little more than seven years ago.  Since then we have come to love this community and all that it has to offer. We have four kids within the district ranging from 1st to 9th grade. One of the reasons we decided to raise our kids in Wadsworth was the outstanding school system. It is because of our wonderful experiences with the schools that I have a desire to give back, and I am hoping to accomplish that by serving on the school board.”   

What is your motivation to run for election on the school board?

“I have a desire to give back to a school system that has already done so much for my family.  I feel that because I have four kids in the school system I have a vested interest, and by serving the district I am also able to serve my kids.  I have also had the privilege of shaping many kids through coaching over the years in the community, and serving on the school board seemed like the next natural step.”

What do you feel the current school board has done well? Is there something that you would hope to change or be more attentive towards?

“In recent months the current board has taken great strides in addressing the mental health needs of its students. I think this is a wonderful accomplishment. I hope to assist in continuing their progress in this area, as well as address the growing opioid epidemic that our kids are and will continue to face. If I can help even one student address their mental health needs or avoid opioid addiction, I will feel that I have been successful. I also want to ensure that our schools continue the academic success that our community deserves.”

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