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Rising Star: Teaching the Next Generation


The WHS Show Choir was busy on Saturday, October 13, when they held their annual program Rising Star. This one day camp was held at the high school for Wadsworth’s grades K-6; and it allowed kids to learn a song and get to know a member of Show Choir.

Camp went from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M and children were able to showcase and perform what they had learned at the very end of the day for their parents. This year, Show Choir taught those who attended the lyrics and choreography to “This is Me” from the movie The Greatest Showman. Each member of the show choir got to instruct the kids by following a “buddy system.” Individuals were assigned 3 to 5 “buddies” to hang out with all day and got to help them with what they were learning.

Abigail Dadich, 11, had her own part during the day.

“My job was to come up with games for the kids to play during their break from learning the songs,” Dadich said.

Some of the games that Dadich came up with were freeze tag, and the singing of “Baby Shark.”

Dadich was not the only member to feel as if this day was worthwhile. Anna Callow, 12, also felt like the day was rewarding.

“When I was with the kids, they were so energetic and excited that it helped to remind me of some of the reasons I am in choir,” Callow mentioned.

Callow and the rest of the Show Choir members enjoyed watching how the kids improved.

“My favorite part of the day was seeing how the kids can go from not knowing anything, to being able to perform a song in front of all of their parents only three hours later,” Callow said.

One of the main reasons Rising Star was held was to raise money, but  Show Choir also enjoyed what the day consisted of as well. Each year members are given the opportunity to assist young children in learning new things, and they enjoy seeing the progress that participants have shown.

The success of this year’s program is hoped to be seen again as Show Choir and Rising Star continues to grow.

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