Brianna’s Quarantine Birthday Vlog



Amid the chaotic nature that is the world right now, I celebrated my 17th birthday on March 26. Though I was not able to have a wide range of activities to choose from, my family made sure that my birthday would not be overlooked. I decided to vlog my day, capturing how I chose to spend my time in quarantine.

My day began with a workout and breakfast, followed by a Google Hangouts call with my AP Seminar class. I continued to focus on schoolwork as the day went on, as I spent several hours working on my assignments.

My family ordered Casa Del Rio takeout for dinner, as I wanted to be able to support the small businesses in the community. That was the highlight of my day, as Casa most definitely earns the title of my favorite restaurant.

The day concluded when I blew out my candle and had a slice of birthday pie. Pecan pie, of course. Birthday pie has become a tradition for me, as I have chosen pie over cake for the past four years.

In regards to the hectic birthday song, I find that it is a very fitting representation of how my family functions. My brother sang in Spanish, my dad made ridiculous sounds and my mom was the only normal one. Though they may be strange and embarrassing at times, I still enjoyed their singing.

Overall, my birthday was rather uneventful. I believe that I spent my time in the best way possible, as I balanced between doing schoolwork and celebrating with my family. My birthday has been the least of my worries during a time like this, but my family carved out the time to make sure that it would be a birthday to remember.