Career Tech Students Share Favorite Recipes with Class



Tino Santiago displays his beef and potato empanadas. Photo by Diane Dann

Tino Santiago, 11, is a student in the Culinary Arts program and Chef Prep Marketing at Copley High School. He travels from Wadsworth HS each day to learn about running a restaurant from Chef Joe Schmeltzer and Marketing a restaurant from Ms. Diane Dann.

The Chef Prep Marketing class has been studying niche marketing and using ones heritage and family recipes in the business. Tino prepared delicious empanadas filled with beef and potato from his Puerto Rican family recipe. Most in the junior class had not eaten empanadas before and everyone enjoyed them!

Brandon Harrod is a Culinary student from Wadsworth. Photo by Diane Dann

Brandon Harrod, 11, also a Culinary student from Wadsworth HS expressed a fondness for Archway Frosty Lemon Cookies. In looking at the Archway Cookie website he discovered a recipe for a Frost Lemon Milkshake using 12 of the cookies. He prepared it for the class and Morgan Spencer (Wadsworth) added a dollop of Cool Whip to top it off!

The Junior Chef Prep Marketing class is enjoying sampling new food specialties. Students can broaden their food experiences while exploring new culinary options!

*This article was created by the Chef Prep Marketing class at Copley High School and distributed as a press release to The Bruin. The Culinary program is just one of the many career tech options available to Wadsworth High School students.