Wadsworth High celebrates annual Senior Prom


Last Saturday, Wadsworth High School held their annual Senior Prom. It was different from previous years because restrictions and rules were in place, but the senior class still made the most of it. 

Groups were able to attend dinner and pictures on their own before the promenade and the dance.

Promenade was held in the parking lot where parents and friends could watch from their car or right outside of it as the students got their names announced. 

The dance itself was held in the high school gym where 4-10 students were permitted per spaced-out group. 

“I liked the photo booths and the way the DJ interacted with us,” said senior Lauren Claxton. “At the end, we all grabbed hands and ran into the center. That was fun feeling all together.” 

Post prom took place at the Blue Sky Drive-In where the students watched Jumanji. Prizes for the seniors were given out in correlation to their ticket number. Along with prizes, the students were offered popcorn, candy, and a beverage to enjoy the movie with. 

“At after prom we got free candy, popcorn, and pop which was pretty cool,” said Parker Brown.

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