Mrs. Smith Wins Teacher of the Year


By Aiden Brown

The Wadsworth ‘Teacher of The Year’ award is a voted award that shines a light on one teacher who goes above and beyond with his or her duties as a teacher. The winner of the 2021-2022 award is English teacher, Mrs. Lisa Smith. Smith is finishing up her ninth year at Wadsworth High School, previously teaching in Indiana, Arkansas, and at Woodridge High School, in Ohio.

Voting for this award began on April 11, and hundreds of students cast their votes with a brief description supporting their choice.

Smith is popular among both students and her colleagues.

Smith does not have a favorite class, curriculum, or grade to teach.

“I really don’t have one, I’ve enjoyed everyone, all of them, I take something away from every class,” Smith said.
Her students say that her optimism motivates them to accomplish more. They think that Smith is a beacon of positivity.
“I believe, very strongly, that every human being should feel valued,” Smith said.

This core belief fuels everything and makes Smith’s classroom different from the common classroom.

When one walks into Smith’s classroom, they see comfortable reading chairs placed along the back walls with vibrant prints, colorful walls covered in art, and posters with positive messages. The desks are set apart in groups in order to promote classroom discussion.

“I love watching students walk into my classroom every day,” Smith said.

When someone has a deep and emphatic passion for something, the fruits of their labor help others grow. It is apparent to everyone, including students, staff, and anyone involved in the schooling process that Smith has a great passion for teaching.

“If I can make [my student’s] day better then I have accomplished my mission,” Smith said.

Students agree that her determination and passion for education is key to what makes her special. Smith’s students and colleagues have only good things to say about her.

“I am so honored,” Smith said, “I can’t think of a better place than Wadsworth High School.”