Sophomore parking lot spreads holiday cheer



The Christmas spirit is in the air at Wadsworth High School, and this year it is evident in the sophomore parking lot. Some sophomores wanted to spread the Christmas cheer, so they decided to start with one Christmas tree.

“The Christmas tree is in the lot with a chalkboard that has a countdown,” said Emma Larj, 11. “Everyday someone puts something in the bucket- like a treat. It’s a good way to distract from midterms and think about the holiday season.”

A flyer, explaining the purpose of the Christmas tree and its goodies was placed on the car of every sophomore.Photo courtesy of Emma Larj

Jacob Jargia and Donnie Hurrle were the students behind the idea of putting the spirit back into Christmas and spoke of how the idea came to be.

“Donnie and I were hanging out one night and he had the idea of doing something in the parking lot each day up to Christmas so then we thought about getting a Christmas tree and everything just slowly came together,” said Jacob Jargia, 10. “Each morning whoever feels like putting a treat in the bucket does. There have been full size candy bars, other candies and an ornament type of thing.”

As high schoolers finals and midterms bring a lot of stress, they take away the joy that the holiday season brings. Placing the Christmas tree in the parking lot is a reminder of the Christmas spirit each morning before going into school. The treats the tree gives helps brighten the day the day of the students going in to school.  

“It was a good idea, I hope next year we take this with us to the junior and senior lot,” said Mara Budd, 10.

With 3 more days until Christmas break, the tree continues to remind the students to push through until break.

The Christmas tree can be seen in the sophomore student parking lot and has a countdown for Christmas break. Photo courtesy of Emma Larj