NHS Induction Ceremony


Notable members of NHS including Andrew Jariga, President, and Ahmed Darwich, Vice President look into the future.


National Honor Society is one of the most sought after school clubs in our school. In order to be accepted into this club you must excel in the the four main pillars: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. The students that get accepted into NHS must have at least a 3.5 grade point average or higher. This makes it one of the most rigorous clubs to get into.

How you get selected to be in NHS is based on your essay and your application. After you turn these things in, they are sent to a board of teachers who sort through each of them. This process takes a full day of reviewing and they have to turn away many applicants.

This year the NHS inducted 43 new members including four seniors and 39 juniors. These kids were honored on Tuesday, November 21st at the annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Main speakers included Andrew Jariga, president, and Ahmed Darwich, vice president.

“My favorite part about NHS is that I get to serve the school and my community alongside my friends. It is definitely hard making sure everyone is on the same page while we organize events,” said Andrew Jariga, 12.

Throughout the year, NHS organizes the school blood drives along with the flower sales. They also help out with adopt a family and Salvation Army bell ringing.

“I am excited that I got accepted and I am most looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting even more involved in the community,” said Melina Melik, 11.

You can first apply to NHS as junior and then as a senior and if you get into this club you will get to wear a special sash at graduation. Mr. Singleton and Mrs. Rosenberger are in charge of this prestigious club and if you have any questions, you can contact them.