Construction Chaos



   Over the past five months, Wadsworth’s stretch of I-94 has been plagued with delays and chaos due to large amounts of construction. The construction has caused many problems for drivers and local businesses.
Community members throughout Wadsworth are wondering when the crazy traffic will end.
“All the traffic makes it difficult for me to get from the south side of town to the north side of town,” said Craig Palidar, 12.
“It makes it extremely difficult to access businesses because the entrances are hidden,” said Sophie Peebles, 11.
Ohio Department of Transportation’s project engineer Michael Titus had some insight on when the project will most likely conclude and the struggles of the past few months.
“The road widening on the east side of High Street has an expected completion date of mid-November this year. Additional lanes will be opened on High Street at this time,” said Titus.
He also had tips to avoid traffic, as well as possible ways to access local businesses.
“I would encourage drivers to use the new access ways as they are completed to enter and exit businesses,” said Titus.
The end of construction is fast approaching and normal flow of traffic should begin in late November. This should be music to Wadsworth citizen’s ears.

Ongoing construction has plagued Wadsworth since early spring.