Field inside the track set to get turf


The recently installed artificial turf at the UCLA intramural field will save the Westwood campus 6.5 million gallons of water annually. (Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times/TNS)


In the upcoming year, the field inside the track will be getting turf put in to replace the grass. This is a major decision that could solve all the problems that occur  at Art Wright.

For fall sports, both soccer teams use the stadium as often as they can to prepare for a game. It is useless to practice on grass if you won’t play on grass at all. With both boys and girls wanting to use the field  and football also utilizing it, the stadium became a battleground for the fall sports.

“I am very happy that turf is going to be put in, because we won’t have to practice on grass anymore during preseason,” said Josiah Sovine. 

With the renovation of the field inside the track, the construction will begin in the first days of June, and will hopefully end before preseason activities start. The company in charge of the project is Maumee Bay Turf Center located in Toledo. The renovation will in total cost $600,000, and will have the same elements of Art Wright. It will include a paw print in the middle just like Art Wright.

“The fall sports programs will no longer have to fight for use of a turf field. Us and football will be able to prepare for games properly and safely,” said soccer coach John Johnson.

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The turf is being put to use by soccer players. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

The field will have goal posts, soccer regulation lines, lacrosse lines, and a shot put area for track. All of these features will tentatively be achieved before the season starts for the football team. The new turf field will be open to the public for all uses.