The Teacher’s Voice: Mr. Singleton is ‘All in for the Worth’


   Everyone knows that words matter. Sometimes, we like to think that they do not (especially when they hurt); other times, we like to think that they are paramount (especially when they are a compliment). I am noticing something around WHS. And I like it.
Mr. Moore has made it apparent that “All In For The Worth” is the 2016-2017 slogan. It is your worth. It is my worth. Everyone who walks these halls has worth, and I am proud to work at a place that uplifts all walks readily. Are we perfect? Of course not. But perfection is a dragon to be slayed. What matters is that we are trying something new. However, I would be remiss if all I did was compliment our slogan because words only matter when paired with action.
At WHS, we know actions count. It is not enough to wear our “All In” T-shirts and not have action behind what we do. What we are witnessing this year is nothing short of community building. At all levels, deeds are being done. Let us start by looking at our administrators: principals who believe in the principle of community. Where they could have stopped at free T-shirts, they did not. Gift cards, cookies, even bonus points are awarded to you, the students! At their command, “All In For The Worth” signs hang from the walls. All of this is not only fun, it is empowering.
A favorite quote of mine is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Make no mistake: the teachers of WHS care! Whether it be a powerful lesson or our staying after school to assist, we put so much of ourselves into this calling, demonstrating worth in countless ways.
Most importantly, to our students: you are why we are here. It is awesome to see everyone wearing their “All In” T-shirt, creating a sea of red not even Moses could part. You conduct yourself with class (you handled the lock down exceptionally well) and with good humor (I love Spirit Week!). It is easy to find worth in one’s job when one can invest time in students who find worth in why they are here.
Words. They are all we have. Limiting and limitless. In the case of WHS, five words are making their mark in a powerful way. Let us build on this success. Our school year is still young, and we have much growing to do.