Black Friday beats online shopping


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Black Friday shopping has been sensationalized in American media, with some frugal shoppers being willing to sit in line awaiting the opening of a store for hours. This level of dedication seems to be a bit much when the alternative of online shopping is available, but the experience of Black Friday itself is much more exciting than a good sale.

Nobody wants to empty their wallet on buying Christmas gifts, so Black Friday has become the answer for those who are looking to save some cash. In reality, the deals are not actually that amazing, but rather the memories made shopping with friends and family is what makes it much more worthwhile.

Whitney Fimple, 11, enjoys the tradition of Black Friday shopping. She says that it proves to be more exciting than ordering everything online.

“Going out shopping is totally worth it,” reports Fimple. “Most of the craziness happens Thursday night, so going Friday is a super fun experience with friends.”

On Black Friday, Big Lots will be jam-packed with customers who are trying to save some money on holiday shopping.
Photo by Brianna Becerra

Some students, like Leigh Hillegass, 12, have Black Friday traditions. She says that she looks forward to this day full of shopping every year.

“I’ve gone shopping with the same group of friends for a few years now,” says Hillegass. “The friends make it more fun than the actual shopping.”

Online shopping is a better alternative for those who are more comfortable in the walls of their own home, but Black Friday shopping at a mall or other large stores is where the real fun takes place. While it may not be as violent and hectic as portrayed on TV, there is always a large crowd to fight through in order to get to the sales.

This is exactly what Grace Cornelius, 11, prefers to avoid. She would rather not have to deal with the crowds and confusion that Black Friday shopping can bring.

“I think the deals can be worth it, but it’s just too hectic for me to want to partake in it,” admits Cornelius.

Online shopping may be easier, but it takes away the whole meaning of Black Friday. This day of shopping is more about the memories made with friends rather than the amount of money saved.

Though there are two viable options for those who want to find a deal on gifts for the holidays, Black Friday shopping proves itself to be superior to online shopping. Where is the fun in sitting at home alone ordering gifts when the option to go out with friends is available?