Choir entertains with last show of school year



The audience was awed and dazzled as the WHS Choir department took the stage on May 10 to perform their last concert of the year. The concert was directed by choir instructor, Mrs. Davis, and she chose to base the concert around songs that made the top billboard charts. The concert consisted of performances from women’s chorus, men’s chorus, elite choir, show choir and the school’s dance ensemble. Everyone has been working nonstop since March, learning new music and choreography for the final concert. During this time, Mrs. Davis auditioned solos, duets, and small groups that wanted to perform in between the choirs. There were numerous, strong auditions so she decided to add in pre-show music for people arriving early to enjoy. A crowd favorite was a small group that performed Love Shack. Another highlight of the night was when show choir sang the hit song Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and they also did a tribute to Queen.  

“My favorite part about the concert was dance ensemble, it was really fun and the crowd loved it,” said Megan Moore (10).

The concert had a little something for everyone to take pleasure in. There was a wide range of songs that came alive on the stage because the performers had tons of energy and the vocals and choreography were outstanding.

Another aspect of this concert was that it honored students that have shown great leadership in and out of the classroom as well as a stand out performer from the year in each choir. Mrs.Davis also announces all of the seniors at the end of the concert and she gives a couple of awards to exemplary seniors. For instance, Ellie Nicholas received the Director’s Choice  award for her leadership in making sure show choirs choreography was clean and learned well. She also did choreography for and was the captain of dance ensemble.

“I received the Leonard Bernstein Musicianship award, winning that award made me feel like all of my hard work had paid off. The specific award is to recognize students on their musical contributions and creativity, so I was very honored to have Mrs. Davis present it to me,” said Shannon Sammons (12).                      

It was hard to say goodbye to all the seniors, but they had a wonderful and successful last concert. The students should all be proud of themselves for what they accomplished this year in choir and all their hard work paid off in the final performance.