Late Arrival Entrance Should Move to Door 14



Some seniors at WHS have the blessing of late arrival. Seniors get to sleep through first period and not have to attend school until second period. However, there is one main flaw with this beautiful blessing, the long trek to the main entrance to sign in for attendance.

Typically there is no parking close to the school, so seniors have to park in the way back and have to leave earlier  than they should to get to the school in time for second period. It is a lot more convenient and efficient if the sign-in sheet for late arrival students is monitored and moved to door 14.

Before school begins, there are three doors open for students to enter the school, the main entrance, the door by the 1500 hallway and door 14. Now it is completely understandable that the sign in sheet is at the main entrance because of safety reasons, but the sign in sheet is typically monitored by one person. That same person can still monitor the sheet if it is in a different location. They can monitor the seniors entering into the school and they can lock the door once it is 8:28 a.m., making the late seniors have to go through the attendance office.

“The rationale is that we (the school) do not open up the 1400 hallway because we have to monitor who enters the building,” explained Principal Steve Moore.

With the entrance for late arrival being moved to door 14, seniors won’t have to leave so early to go to school. Seniors have to park in the way back and walk all the way across the parking lot to the front of the school.

“It takes 7 more minutes so I have to leave earlier and it is crowded going through the front so I am late a lot. It’d be much faster if they opened up the 1400 doors,” said Faith Reeling, 12.

With the cold winter coming up, having door 14 open for the seniors will be very convenient. Seniors will be able to sit in their warm cars and not have to get out and head into the school to sign in until a couple minutes before the bell rings instead of the long, time-consuming walk to the front doors. Moving the entrance to door 14 is something that should be taken into serious consideration.

Tori Baker
Faith Reeling, 12, begins her long walk to the main entrance for late arrival while passing the efficiently placed door 14. Photo by Tori Baker