Juniors attend banquet at Galaxy



Described as one of the best dances at Wadsworth High, juniors took over the Galaxy restaurant during Banquet on April 21, 2017.

Students used this dance as a time to see friends they do not get to see in class and “to spend the entire night dancing, singing, and having fun with everyone,” as Rachel Thompson stated.

Junior Banquet (57)
The junior class got down on the dance floor at the Galaxy during the annual Junior Banquet. Photos by Devanne O’Connor and Camdyn Brady

Thompson also stated, “It was a night where everyone spent the time together as a class, rather than in their certain ‘group’ that they spend time with at school.”

Typically the girls dress like they would for prom, very elegant with classy long dresses, while the guys take another route for dressing. This year the guys pick a Hawaiian theme. Most of the guys wore a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and dress shoes.

“It’s a night to spend with your friends in your class and just have lots of fun,” said Alicen Fimple.

Claire Doyle described her time at the dance by saying, “I was glad I got to spend an evening with my friends, especially friends I don’t get to see everyday.”

The dance is also a symbol that high school is almost over and that senior year is coming quickly. The class of 2018  ended their night by coming together and dancing to their class song “Hall of Fame” performed by The Script.