The Nick and Q Food Review: The Rail



For the first official run of the Nick and Q Food Review, we visited The Rail in Fairlawn, outside of Summit Mall. The Rail is a locally owned burger establishment known for the succulent burgers and outstanding milkshakes.

The Rail uses local products to make all the food. They attain the meat from local farmers and get their milk from Smith’s to make their delicious milkshakes.

Two of the Local Yocal burgers one can enjoy at The Rail. Photo by Quentin Griffin.

Nick and I sampled both their milkshakes and burgers recently. With a variety of burgers to choose from, both of us decided to order the Local Yocal. The Local Yocal is a burger served fresh and topped with  an over easy egg and two pieces of bacon. They both were cooked to perfection and had every single taste that should be in a high quality burger and even more. The egg and bacon are a great touch and add an odd yet excellent twist on your traditional burger.

After eating those amazing burgers, we were searching for something to wash it down with.

Then bam – a beautiful chocolate milkshake sitting just to the left. The chocolate milkshake was a great addition to the burger and was a great finishing touch on an outstanding meal.

Quentin approves of The Rail. Photo by Nick Landolph

Along with the top of the line food, the service was outstanding. Treating you like friends instead of just a source of cash. The first run of the Food review was a great success and hopefully the next run will be just as good.