Seniors celebrate at the annual 2021 breakfast



Seniors celebrated the completion of their high school career by holding their annual senior breakfast on Friday, May 14 at 6:30 a.m. at the Wadsworth High School student parking lot.

Senior that attended the breakfast took a group picture. The seniors showed up early before school to eat together

The breakfast includes a vast majority of items brought in by the seniors such as donuts, muffins, fruit, orange juice, etc. The school holds one of these every year for the seniors on their last day of school so that they can have one last time to enjoy everyone’s company, and why not celebrate it over breakfast! Carley Mayes, senior talks about why the high school should continue this tradition.

“It is a great way for seniors to spend their last time together, especially with COVID-19 eliminating other fun events,” said Mayes.

Around 100 seniors decided to join for breakfast. Everyone was having a good time and most of the food was eaten.

“My favorite part about breakfast was definitely the mini cinnamon rolls,” said Lauren Claxton.

Mazie Shaffer enjoys a strawberry donut sprinkles before her last day of school at WHS. All of the food was brought in by the senior class. Photo by Kade Miros

With their high school career wrapping up, Emma Larj looks back on some of her favorite memories in the past four years.

“Probably the dances after football games because I got to have more fun with my friends,” said Larj.