Ava Knight, a Wadsworth junior, kickstarts modeling career

During photo sessions, Knight’s hair style and makeup is controlled by someone else. Knight plans to do modeling as a side job, until all of her schooling is over. Photo Courtesy of THEBNJMNS


Wadsworth junior Ava Knight has recently started modeling and hopes to turn it into a job in the near future. Knight has thought about trying modeling for a long time, but started last September with a family friend and has been shooting with them since.

“The group that I shot with is a friend of my family so we just both agreed that I would do well there, but some brands have contacted me to work with them,” said Knight.

According to Knight, an average modeling session could last anywhere between two and eight hours. During each session, Knight mainly just poses for the camera, while other people control her makeup and hair. She says that it can sometimes be stressful trying to balance school and modeling.

Zoomed out pictures with urban features in the background are considered urban looks. Urban looks depict an average street appearance rather than one from a lead designer. Photo Courtesy of THEBNJMNS

“I don’t have control over myself as everyone else fixes my hair or makeup and I just pose. It can be a little stressful with timing and trying to fit in all the looks that are planned,” said Knight.

As of now Knight does not make any money from modeling. According to her, it takes time before major names and brands will notice you. She says that one does not really make money until they complete multiple jobs with these companies.

“As of right now I do not [get paid] because as a starting model you get jobs to get publicity and get your name spread. Usually it takes a few big name jobs before you get paid.”

Knight’s goal is to turn modeling into a job, rather than just doing it as a hobby. She hopes to earn money soon, and then continue modeling through high school and even into college.

A close up shot like this one of Ava Knight is considered a commercial look. Commercial looks tend to appeal to the general population and are mainly used to sell products. Photo Courtesy of THEBNJMNS