Mrs. Osting’s class creates dog treats business



Mrs. Ostings class makes all the dog treats themselves to hand out to teachers. They receive all the ingredients to make in class. Photo by Mrs. Ostings

This year due to new COVID regulations, Mrs. Ostings Special Education class could not do their Grizzly Grinds cart. The Grizzly Grinds cart was a coffee cart that the class would push around and sell coffee to teachers during the school day. With the new COVID regulations the class came up with a new way to raise money by selling things to the staff members in Wadsworth High School.

The class used the Grizzly Grinds for job experience, but this year they created a new program called the Grizzly Goods. The Grizzly Goods program now makes and sells dog treats to sell to teachers and staff members at Wadsworth High School. The staff members are sent a Google form every Monday asking for their order and room number they want it delivered to.

“Teachers can receive their dog treats either in their mailbox or it is delivered by students directly to their classrooms,” said Osting.

Throughout the week, the students make all the dog treats by hand and get them ready to send out to teachers by the Friday of that week. All the funds go through the treasurer department to buy the supplies and ingredients needed to make the treats.

Ostings class has sold over 100 bags of dog treats to over 30 staff members at Wadsworth High School. She also mentioned that they are selling a lot more than they thought they would.

“We actually had to double up the recipe because we have had so many orders,” said Mrs. Osting.

Osting plans on creating new jobs to add onto the Grizzly Goods program. They plan on making the program bigger so it can be used for future classes.

One of Mrs. Ostings students holds up the freshly made dog treats. From here they are packaged and sent to teachers. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ostings