Elite Listeners: WHS students share favorite artists



Every December, Spotify, a popular music-streaming platform, culminates the most-listened-to songs, artists, albums and podcasts of the year into Spotify Wrapped. The platform also presents a personalized year in review that allows users to dig into the songs and artists they love, sharing fun stats and insights about their taste in music.

These WHS students are at the top of the pack when it comes to their favorite artists. They are “elite listeners,” as classified by their percentiles on Spotify. Now, hear from the students on why they love these artists, and maybe find some new songs to add to your rotation in the new year!


I have always been a Taylor Swift fan, but it definitely stems from her lyrical skills. She is able to bring together words that you never thought could be used to express stories and emotions, and all this on top of the years of musicianship, experience and political characteristics she has.

I could go on forever but my all-time favorite song would have to be a classic, ‘Our Song’ or more recently ‘Champagne Problems,’ which is about mental health problems interfering with decision making in life and how other people view it.


Brockhampton helped me figure out my identity and feel accepted in a unique community of people. My favorite song would probably be ‘TEAM’ off of their fourth album, SATURATION III.


I really like their vibe and how their albums change based on what’s happening right now. They are also really easy to get into. My favorite song would have to be ‘*Sobs Quietly*.’


Mother Mother is my favorite artist because they incorporate different instruments and noises into their songs, making each sound an individual masterpiece. I also like that their lyrics are quite distinctive to their sound. They create worlds within their music.

My favorite song from them probably would have to be ‘Wrecking Ball.’ This song is very cheery which was something that helped me through this year.

If you have Tiktok you’ve probably heard many of their songs like ‘Hayloft’, ‘Arms Tonite’, and ‘Burning Pile.’ They became very popular on Tiktok this year, which I am very thankful for because without that popularity I wouldn’t have discovered my new favorite band.


I was in the top 1% of BTS listeners, which I think is cool considering how many people listen to them around the world. They have great music and radiate good energy for their fans, such as things like self-confidence and positivity towards others. My favorite song by BTS is ‘Mikrokosmos’ because it reminds me to stay positive in troubling times.


Hamilton is my favorite broadway show, so I listen to the music a lot. My favorite song from the cast is probably ‘Non-Stop.’ It is such a beautiful and upbeat song and the end is just amazing!


I really like the way Ben Platt’s album tells a story through all of the songs! ‘Bad Habit’ is my favorite song because that was the first song of his that I listened to, and it’s why I started listening to his album.


I was in M83’s top 0.005% of listeners. They have 6,359,603 monthly listeners which means I was in the top 318. I love their sound. It’s incredible to drive to, specifically at night. Some of their songs can make you feel energized and others can allow for deep thinking. I have liked M83 since my closest brother introduced me to them many years ago while he still lived with us. We would sit in our living room together and blast the music through the speakers and jam out together as if there was no tomorrow while our mom and dad would shake their heads and smile at us. So I guess they bring back great memories of simpler times with family.

My favorite song by M83 is most likely their song ‘Wait’ from their album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. I love the simplistic lyrics of the song since it allows for anyone to relate the song to their own lives and the moments when they’ve wanted more time. As a deep thinker and over-thinker, I am fascinated by the simplicity of the lyrics because they allow for a multitude of interpretations, none being wrong.

Not only are the lyrics striking but so are the instrumentals and background music. They set up an atmosphere that is perfect for the mind to wander and think while also reflecting on everything that has happened in that individual’s life, good or bad. It’s hard to explain the feeling that the song gives you since everyone can view it in a differently, however, the best way to find out is by listening to it yourself. M83 isn’t for everyone, but it never hurts to give a different band a try.