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WHS students speak out on Board of Education’s upcoming vote



As the COVID-19 cases at Wadsworth High School continue to rise, the Board of Education was faced with making a decision about whether or not students would continue to be fully in-person after Thanksgiving break. An emergency meeting was called on Friday, November 27 at 9 AM, but no decision was made. Yet another Board meeting was held the next day, but still no final decision. They are meeting for a final time tonight, Monday November 30, at 4 PM to decide the fate of the high school’s learning format. Through all of this confusion and stress, WHS students have voiced their opinions on what the Board of Education should do.

Katelyn Bidinger, freshman

“I personally would love to stay in school, but many kids getting quarantined is a pretty big issue right now. I believe that the best thing for us right now would be to go online for a little while. With so many students out, I think it is stressful not only on the students, but also the teachers trying to keep up with everything.”

Solomon Callaghan, sophomore

“I think we should go full online because it would completely prevent any chances of quarantines, and we already have experience from how online works from last year.”

Rose Short, sophomore

“I think they should make the choice to go fully online. I know it has not been the easiest decision, but I think in the long run it will be the best for everyone and it will keep more people healthy.”

Josh Carlson, junior

“I think staying in person is a good idea because learning online is a lot harder for some students. I think that as long as rules for COVID are followed and masks are worn it is okay.”

Sophia Anderson, senior

“Personally, I was disappointed in the [initial]  decision. It was hard to feel represented when most of the board does not know firsthand what is going on in WHS. Mr. Moore had some great points that I agreed with. We need a reset, as we are at the peak of the virus while still keeping extracurriculars and sports since we haven’t seen a lot of spread among the different activities.”

Josh Whapam, junior

“I believe that we should’ve gone remote because of the risk it puts students at to stay in right now, especially after Thanksgiving.”

Elijah Heckler, senior

“I think the board is attempting to delay a decision that is inevitable. It is essential for the safety of our students and staff to shut down these next three weeks. The amount of quarantines are getting ridiculous, and when people have to get quarantined more than once it is demoralizing and detrimental to their education. [With] three weeks off we will create lots of time to slow the spread. The board is disregarding the opinions of the teachers as well as Mr. Moore and other administration. These are people that are seeing the effects first hand, they should have more of an influence on this decision.”

Kevin Gabel, senior

“I think we should go remote because it is only a small price to pay to make a big impact on the rapid spreading in our school. If we go remote until the end of Christmas break that eliminates the issue of students bringing in COVID to the schools from family gatherings over Thanksgiving break.”

Ryan Sieber, senior

”I think that the school board should have the high school go online. Based on the state of Medina County as well as the state of our own school district, the number of cases has been growing exponentially, and students are afraid not only for their health but also for the health of their families, and they do not want anything to happen to them if they were to catch the virus from school. That is why I believe it is necessary for the school to go fully online.”

Jensen Heppner, junior

“I think we should be online because numbers are going up so it makes sense for us to shut down. Other schools around us are shutting down so I don’t know why we aren’t. So many kids are getting quarantined and it just makes no sense for us to stay open.”

Hayden Hassinger, junior

“I would prefer to stay in person because I think that education is more effective in person than online.”

Lilah Nye, senior

“I think that we should go online, under the current circumstances, at least until after Christmas break. I think that corona is spiking right now and going online for 2-3 weeks is reasonable. There are so many quarantines and so many contacts being traced; I think reducing those contacts in between the holidays wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I know, for my family, we didn’t have a family Thanksgiving and probably wouldn’t have a family Christmas if we continue going to school and sports because we want to keep our grandparents safe, and personally going remote for a few weeks is worth it to me to get that family time.”

Payton Murphy, sophomore

“I think we should go hybrid because we will still get an in-school experience but the number of kids that are getting quarantined will decrease immensely. It’s a little bit of both online and in-person.”

Morgan Raymond, sophomore

“I think the board of education should have the high school go ‘wired’ at least up until winter break. I think it’s crazy how many students are out of school due to contact tracing. I feel that there has to be a better way. I feel with so many kids out it is very hard on the teachers and having all of the students be remote for the time being is the best option. I think in the future, like maybe after winter break, hybrid might be a better option. It just isn’t working with how many kids need to be quarantined. So hopefully either the requirements will change for quarantining students so less will have to or we need to space out more. Hopefully with the hybrid we could space out enough where no one or only a small few kids would have to quarantine”
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WHS students speak out on Board of Education’s upcoming vote