Child care during COVID-19


Many parents are home watching their children, teaching their children and doing their regular jobs, but how are parents taking care of them and making sure that they get their school work done while managing their busy work schedules?

Some children are being put in day cares while others are staying home with their parents while they work. Older children can teach themselves their school work, entertain themselves and help the younger children. But families with only younger children might have to be more hands on. 

Taking a quick break from playing the two children, Danny and Gemma, smile for a quick photo.
Photo Courtesy of Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson works for the Summit County Adult Probation as a supervisor. She is currently taking care of her two grandchildren, Danny and Gemma. Kelli must go to work during the coronavirus shutdown, so Danny and Gemma go to Kindercare in Barberton. Before the pandemic, Danny would have been picked up to be taken to school at 7:45 and Gemma would stay at Kindercare all day, but now the two of them stay there all day. The two children have been permitted to stay at the daycare because Anderson is considered an essential worker. 

“I am sure that there are many people out there like me who are very tired and because of the stay at home order, extremely isolated.” Kelli says. “Kindercare has done some wonderful things for families, such as sending home chili for dinner on a few different Fridays. They have provided as much normalcy for the kids as they can during this difficult time. I am grateful that Danny and Gemma are cared for during the day by such kind people.”

At the Kindercare there are no more than six children per room and everyday before entering they get their temperatures taken. If their temperature is below 100 degrees they are allowed in but they are required to wash their hands before going to their classroom.

At the end of the day, Kelli still has to go home after a hard day of work and help teach Danny while still taking care of her daily responsibilities such as many other families do.