Board games and puzzles sell out during COVID-19 shutdown



During the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery stores have been selling out of products at an alarming rate. There have been times when shelves are absolutely empty, ravaged by panic-stricken buyers. Not only has toilet paper and cleaning supplies seen an increase in sales, but puzzles and board games as well.

Families have been staying inside together for weeks, and the close proximity can lead to friction and arguments. Some have chosen to use puzzles and board games to break the tension, thus causing these items to fly off the shelves. Large store chains such as Target are seeing a definite increase in sales of these items.

Recent events have caused stores to empty their shelves of puzzles and board games. Some families were prepared for lock down by having a stock of games on hand. Photo by Ashley Allwood

“There has been a drastic change with the amount of supply of board games on the shelves” said Target employee Kacie Evans. “Not to mention the raise in prices, this was kind of expected because there isn’t much to do when we are limited.”

Families are trying to find a way to keep occupied during these trying times, and board games and puzzles have been part of the solution.  The increase of sales proves that some families are attempting to make time together a priority.

“Being with my family and playing board games helps us from killing each other because it distracts us from everyday chaos,” said Rachel Mauder, a sophomore at WHS. “Monopoly has become one of our favorites.” 

While toilet paper might be the most sold item out there, board games and puzzles are making a comeback into the lives of families.