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Wadsworth High's Principals: Who are they outside of school?



Mr. Moore, Mr. Berlin and Mr. Seiber have developed a great friendship while working together over the past 5 years as WHS principals. Outside of school, they have lives filled with family, friends and their favorite pastimes.


Growing up, Mr. Moore‘s father was a self-employed carpenter, so he worked with him during the summers of his high school and college years. They did several jobs together from building new structures to remodeling. These experiences taught him leadership qualities as he was able to be a leader of the crew when his dad stepped away from the physical aspect of the job.

“I cherish these times tremendously and wish I could have one more day of doing it with him,” Mr. Moore reflected.

He now likes to tackle home-improvement projects around the house. Mr. Moore remodeled his basement and is currently in the process of building a shuffleboard table that he started over Christmas break.

Mr. Moore also enjoys golfing and has developed a great appreciation for spending time with his family and friends. This time is focused around the various events they have going on. His son, Matt, attends Wittenberg University and plays on its baseball team.

Often times, Mr. Moore and his family will take weekend trips there to watch Matt play
Mr. Moore’s daughter, Megan, is a junior at Wadsworth high school, and she spends most of her time involved in dance, drama and choir which he also cherishes.

Mr. Moore also appreciates watching a good movie. His family spends time watching comedies and action-packed movies together.

“Dumb and Dumber is my all-time favorite movie. It is a classic that should be shown at the beginning of every school year,” said Mr. Moore. “I like silly and outrageous movies.”

Prior to becoming the WHS principal, Mr. Moore worked as the head basketball coach at the school he attended as a youth and then started teaching math at Highland. He was initially planning on getting his masters degree in math but the superintendent grabbed him by the back of his shirt and told him that he was going to pursue administration.

“So I listened to him,” said Mr. Moore. “It made sense at the time because spending additional money to go back to college to learn more math was not going to benefit me in anyway. Administration was going to help expand my career options.”

This is an important moment for Mr. Moore because it let him down the path he is on today. He was a teacher for six years and athletic director for nine years, assistant principal for six years and he has now been the principal at Wadsworth High School for seven years. Mr. Moore is not working towards any specific goals, but he is focused on simply learning to enjoy life, and he wants to be able to reconnect with high school and college friends.

“I like to live every day and enjoy myself. I firmly believe that if you’re doing something you don’t like that you don’t do it anymore,” Said Mr. Moore. “I look forward to spending quality time outside of a school setting with people I care about.”

It is evident that Mr. Moore loves being the principle of Wadsworth High School as well as spending valuable time with his family and friends.


Mr. Sieber was a history teacher and a coach at Wadsworth High School for four years before he became a principal. When he was getting his administrative degree the principal at the time told him that it was his favorite job because he gets to help kids that need it.

“He is right,” said Mr. Sieber. “This has always been my favorite job that I’ve ever had because you get to see his kids at graduation that have overcome some difficult times, and it makes you thankful to see them get that diploma.”

Mr. Sieber is not only thankful for his job and the students he works with but he is also thankful for Wadsworth and how there is an emphasis on community. He attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church where he is a Eucharistic minister as well as the person who monitors the 24 hour chapel.

He and his wife also go to a nursing home in town to give communion. In addition to his religious activities, he is a member of the Wadsworth Library Board of Trustees. Mr. Sieber thoroughly enjoys reading, and his absolute favorite book is The Rooster Bar by John Grisham, who also happens to be Mr. Sieber’s favorite author. Apart from reading, Mr. Sieber really enjoys going on dates with his wife, and he loves planning vacations for his family. Mr. Sieber often spends time with his kids Hannah, Ryan and Lauren.

“It is so cliche, but my three kids are my greatest accomplishment,” said Mr. Seiber. “Do I think I’m a great parent? No, I think I have a lot to learn but I tell my kids you are a reflection of how you are raised and who raises you. I’m trying to put three good people into the world.”

Ever since Mr. Seiber had weight-loss surgery, he has been working on becoming a better runner. He runs and walks to work every day because one of his goals is to run a road race again which he is doing it in April. Another goal of Mr. Sieber’s is to help re-establish the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Bowling Green State University where he spent his college years.

“I have always enjoyed the experience of being in a fraternity, and what Beta has provided to me is both life long friends and the chance to serve others,” said Sieber. “By providing that for future undergraduates at BGSU would be very rewarding.”

Mr. Sieber prides himself on being a good leader in the community and the school that he loves. He is working towards multiple goals in his life with his focus on family.


Mr. Berlin acknowledges that his priorities have changed throughout the years. He used to be focused on his career goals, but now he puts a huge emphasis on the importance of family.

“Outside of school, for me, is about family as much as possible,” said Berlin. “I enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy boating and fishing. I enjoy those things but now it’s mainly family.”

Mr. Berlin has three grandchildren in Columbus. He loves to travel there on the weekends and spend time with them. He supports them by going to many of their sporting events, and he enjoys taking the boys hiking and fishing. Sometimes it is as simple as being able to hang out and watch them play video games. Mr. Berlin and his wife go on vacation with their grandchildren each year as well, which is a fun family tradition.

At age 27, Mr. Berlin lost his father, which created a major shift in his life. He is no longer concerned with himself but concentrates on being able to show those that he loves just how much he loves them. His favorite movie is Field of Dreams because at the end of the movie the main character gets to play catch with his father who previously passed away, and this reminds Mr. Berlin of playing catch with his own father.

“I used to be so confident in myself. I thought I knew everything, and now I realize that I don’t have all the answers,” Mr. Berlin. “I am more aware of what’s important, and I’m more aware of myself. I used to look at my limitations as weakness, and now I look at them as knowing where I can make my limitations not so limiting to me.”

Mr. Berlin has been a principal for 23 years. He has worked as the associate principal at Wadsworth High School for five years and before this, he worked at Wadsworth Middle School as the assistant principal for two years. His journey to becoming a principal was a unique one because he had some consequences for his actions that still hinder him today.

“I tell kids all the time that the consequences for your actions can last a lot longer than you’d like them to,” said Berlin. “I try to convince kids, don’t let the mistakes you make at 16, 17, 18,19 years old affect you when you are my age. That’s exactly what I did when I was 18 and 19 years old.”

Mr. Berlin was not a very focused college student, so he ended up dropping out of college after a couple of years to work a job and make money. Eventually, he did get his degree and got a job teaching. An opportunity came up for him to take an administrative position, and that is what got him started on this path. If Mr. Berlin had not dropped out of college, but completed his degree right away, he would have been able to retire this year, but instead he has 11 more years. He believes though that he is better for it, and he was able to be better at his job, since he was more mature.

Mr. Berlin’s main goal is to simply create a difference in the lives of students. He focuses on having good character and being able to have a smile on his face each day to make a positive impact.

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Wadsworth High's Principals: Who are they outside of school?