Pete brings the edge at campaign rally



At Lincoln High School in Des Moines, Iowa, two thousand people gathered waiting to get into Pete Buttigieg’s final rally before the Iowa Caucus. The line wrapped through hallways of the high school back out into the sidewalk and street. While waiting in line, people were allowed to write questions to ask Pete on stage.  

Super delegates, senators and members of the ACLU walked up and down the hallway talking to people in line about why they chose to come out to the rally. 

Supporters raise their signs while they wait for Buttigieg to take the stage. They would shout cheers in order to get the crowd excite for the rally. Photo by Abby Wichterman

“It made everything more official,” said Wadsworth senior, Anna Wolfinger. “To see people like that walking around gave him credibility and showed he was actually in the running.”

Outside the rally, a Trump supporter with a decked out tractor sat on the street and talked with people about his beliefs. He showed up to peacefully protest and talk with Pete supporters about Trump.

The doors opened at 1:30 and people began to pour into the gymnasium. A group of strong supporters were already behind the stage, chanting praises in honor of Buttigieg. They waved various signs and were dressed head to toe in Buttigieg gear. They pointed to the crowd, urging them to chant along with them. 

Opening the rally was one of Buttigieg’s campaign staffers. She shared a heartfelt speech about why she joined the Pete campaign and decided to quit her job in order to work for him.

Anthony Brown, a member of the US House of Representatives in Maryland, and three other endorsers of Buttigieg, took the stage next to discuss the reasons they supported him. Brown gave a short speech and then handed over the floor to Waterloo Mayor, Quentin Hart. 

Hart went on to introduce Buttigieg to the rally as High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco played in the background. 

Pete spoke to the crowd about his policies and his hopes for the future of the United States. Buttigieg and a staff member of his campaign answered the questions from the crowd and shared his views in real time. 

Pete Buttigieg stands in front of the crowd and deliver his speech about his policies and plan for the future. Photo by Axel Mueller.

Once the rally was concluded and Buttigieg exited the stage, he began to shake hands and take pictures with supporters in the crowd. His husband, Chasten Buttigieg, Miss Black America 2019, Ryann Richardson and Mayor Hart all joined him as he walked along the gate. Students from Wadsworth High School had the opportunity to take pictures with Pete and one Wadsworth student even interviewed him before he left.

“It was very surprising that he actually spent the time to speak with us. I thought he would just blow by and not really talk to me,” said Wadsworth senior, Chris Steele. “I think it was really cool that I could have possibly interviewed the future President of the United States.” 

Students enjoyed the intimate feeling that Buttigieg emitted to his supporters during his rally. Currently, Buttigieg is attempting to cement his name in the top slot of the democratic nomination.