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Black Friday is becoming less and less popular

Stores advertise Black Friday sales to draw the attention of shoppers on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016 at Dolphins Mall. Shoppers headed to the mall for their holiday shopping and savings. (Carl Juste/Miami Herald/TNS)


When you think of Black Friday you think of it being 2 in the morning, every one is running around all tired with coffee in their hand, people fighting over the “amazing” deal they will get and lines that are endlessly wrapping around the entire store. Black Friday is now ruined by this early bird special  of the sale starting at 6 pm on Thursday.

This shopping frenzy takes you away from spending quality time with your family. Thanksgiving is ruined; Black Friday has lost its mojo. Instead of eating at the dinner table enjoying each others company and then going out and shopping later that night you now are scarfing down your turkey and sprinting out the door to get “amazing deal”.

“I feel like the spirit of Thanksgiving is dying because the sales are starting so early,” said Katie Johnson, 11.

Thanksgiving is not the same anymore with these Black Friday deals starting so early. The whole fun of Black Friday is running around the mall late at night trying to save the most money while you are getting the best gifts for your friends and families.

“These earlier sales are ruining the fun of Black Friday,” said Johnson.

These Thanksgiving Day sales are letting shoppers not having to wait to wait midnight for these deals. Today’s technology is driving away the need to go out late to get the best deals when stores are doing their doorbuster special earlier in the month. According to USA Today malls are closing on Thanksgiving Day in hopes of trying to re-attract the shoppers on Black Friday.

“I think it is shoppers fault for having the stores have their sale so early. The pressure the stores into making the sales earlier so they can get their holiday shopping done and out of the way,” said Julia Horner, 11.

Our shop culture demands an anytime-anywhere shopping sprees. Department stores, like Macy’s and JCPenney, are pressured into making their door buster sales in early so they can attract the most costumers.

“If no one wanted to shop on Thanksgiving they wouldn’t go and the stores wouldn’t be open. You can’t blame the stores for making the sales so early because they change the time of their sales based on what the customers want,” said Horner.

It is a hand-in-hand connection on the starting times of the sales. It is all about what the people want and it is the people who are dictating this. In the end, the department stores only care about the money and if majority is demanding for the interruption of a holiday then they will do what the people ask for.

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Black Friday is becoming less and less popular