Wadsworth High chooses homecoming king and queen



Every year Wadsworth High School has chosen two students to become their homecoming king and queen. In the past the king and queen were chosen by student nominations and votes, but for the past two years the school has been using it as a scholarship opportunity. 

Elena Vukovic and Joe Muhl were chosen out of ten other students as homecoming king and queen. They were chosen for their academic achievement and involvement in the school.

Joe Muhl and Elena Vukovic pose on the field October 4, after they were announced as king and queen. Photo courtesy of Elena Vukovic

“I think the best part of winning was the experience,” Muhl said. “Now it is something cool to look back on and tell my kids about.”

Students get on court by submitting an application to student council, then a selection committee of five students reviews the applications. They choose five boys and five girls and then a board of teachers reviews the selections. A final selection of the ten students is made and they send a ballot out to the student body.

“I applied for the homecoming scholarship because I have always wanted to be homecoming queen,” Vukovic mentioned. “The scholarship is also an added bonus to help with college.”

This was not Vukovic’s first time being on homecoming court. Before the scholarship, there was a representative from each class on court. Vukovic was on court her freshman year and represented her class.

“I think I have matured a lot since I was on court my freshman year,” Vukovic exclaimed. “In addition, my love and respect for Wadsworth High School has also increased immensely.”

Vukovic and Muhl both received a scholarship of $250 which will help them continue their academic careers past high school.