Fine arts assembly showcases WHS talent



On Thursday, May 2, all of the incredible activities that make up the Fine Arts program at Wadsworth High School were recognized in the 24th Annual Fine Arts Assembly. Winter Guard, Speech and Debate, choir, the Off Broad Street Players, and the jazz band were featured, as well as various awards given to superior students and one Teacher of the Year.

Students and staff were welcomed into the assembly with music from the jazz band, directed by Mr. Piehl, and given a short introductory speech from senior Tony Batey.

The Harvard Prize book award, presented by Harvard University alumni Mr. Jim Griffin, was awarded to Noah Falanga, 11.

Shortly following, the Winter Guard performed their program “The Girl Behind the Mask”, a show telling the story of a girl battling depression and anxiety, and how she is able to overcome the emotional stress of the world she is living in.

The color guard performs the “The Girl Behind the Mask.” Photo by Micah Beck

The Bruin announced Halle Shaeffer as the 2019-2020 Editor in Chief, recognized new staff members, and told of their successes at the OSMA Awards, where they were awarded first place news website and second place student newspaper in the state.

The Elite and Men’s Choirs performed “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister, Show Choir performed “Shallow”, originally sang by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, and finished with “Tribute to Queen”. The Outstanding Vocal Music Student award was given to Carter Fraser, 12.

World Language awards were then given to outstanding Spanish students Melina Melik and Marraya Youngblood, outstanding French students Andrew Schmidt and Madelyn Huzyak, an outstanding Latin Lily Stewart, and outstanding Chinese student Secilia Ho. The World Language Student of the year was Meredith VanDyke, 12.

Speech and Debate was represented by senior members Alexandra Zuder and Clay Barker. Their duo interpretation, entitled “A Very Common Procedure” by Courtney Barron, explained the the death of their newborn child and the bitter, struggling relationship as a result. The Outstanding Speech and Debate student of the year was Anna Bowling, 12.

Art awards followed Speech and Debate. The Outstanding Art Students were Jason Kemper, 12, and Colleen Hallas, 12.

The drama department, the Off Broad Street Players, performed selections from The Little Mermaid, and presented the Outstanding Drama Student award to Carter Fraser, 12.

Wadsworth High School’s yearbook presented the Outstanding Yearbook junior and senior students. Receiving the awards was Leah McNutt, 12.

Medina County Auditor’s Sticker Contest Winners were recognized from Mr. Kaufman and Mrs. Van Dyke’s classes. Nathan Dietrich, 12, Tyler Leatherman, 11, and Kiersten White, 11 were the winners for their creativity.

The jazz band performed “Welcome to the Jungle” by Members of Guns ‘N’ Roses, arranged by Paul Murtha and presented the Outstanding Instrumental Music student to Tony Batey, 12.

The announcement of the Teacher of the Year, Mrs. North, was presented by National Honor Society members Michael Edwards, 12, Tony Batey, 12, Secilia Ho, 12, Henning Elsass, 12, and Marraya Youngblood, 12.

Mrs. North accepting Teacher of the Year with a hug from Henning Elsass, 12. Photo by Micah Beck

With each new year, the Fine Arts program grows, as does the appreciation for the arts around our community and at Wadsworth High School.