Latin students rewarded for work on National Exam



Latin may be a dead language, but it is able to provide scholarship opportunities for students who decide to take the National Latin Exam (NLE). This is an annual nationwide test for all levels of Latin, and the Wadsworth students who took it were rewarded for their success.

The students who registered for the NLE took this examination in the Media Center on March 1. Students from Latin I all the way through Latin IV had only 45 minutes to answer the 40 questions on this test, ranging from mythology to vocabulary to grammar.

If a student achieves a high enough score, they could receive a certificate or even a medal. Mrs. Amy LaMonica, the Latin teacher at Wadsworth High School, says that her students performed extremely well this year. Out of Mrs. LaMonica’s 23 students that took the NLE, there was one certificate awarded in Latin I, a medal and a certificate in Latin II, a medal and four certificates in Latin III, and two medals in Latin IV.

Lily Stewart, 12, and Marissa Nicodemus, 12, show off the medals they were awarded for their high scores on the National Latin Exam. Photo by Brianna Becerra

Lily Stewart, 12, and Marissa Nicodemus, 12, took the NLE for the fourth time. They were both awarded with medals; Stewart earned Summa Cum Laude with a gold medal and Nicodemus earned Maxima Cum Laude with a silver medal.

Stewart has been passionate about Latin since her freshman year. She shares that Latin has assisted her in building her knowledge of root words, as she hopes to go into the medical field. She has always been successful when taking the NLE, as this was not her first gold medal.

“I studied hard, and I have gotten medals in past years, so I was hoping that the trend would continue,” says Stewart.

These seniors were able to complete their final year of Latin with a rewarding outcome after taking the NLE. Though the stress was high, the Latin students worked tirelessly to succeed on this yearly exam.