Students run amuck the last day before spring break



The excitement is so high on the last day before spring break, that students are running a muck throughout the halls. Normally the last day before break is a drag as students can barely get through the day, but not with the Principals here at Wadsworth High School.

Today is another All in Day for students which comes with the usual candy, gift cards and extra credit, but today it came with a little something special. Instead of just a normal school day, during second, fourth and seventh period, a schoolwide game was played:“Where in the World is Mr. Sieber”.

During this game, the students are first given a riddle they need to solve, then they are given a clue to where Mr. Sieber might be. After this, one runner from each class takes off, and the first three to find Mr. Sieber are given a prize.

“It was intense, crazy, fun and exciting. It was the perfect way to handle spring break fever,” said DJ Green, 9.