How Thanksgiving has lost its importance


A classic roasted turkey with a cherry glaze. Pictured with it are squash wedges with parsnips and a classic bread stuffing with dried cherries and apples. (Regina H. Boone/Detroit Free Press/TNS)


When Thanksgiving began back in 1621, it was a feast to celebrate the good harvest of that year. In recent years people still give thanks but not for the same reasons. For many, it’s just a day to eat food and watch football. The biggest change over the years is the introduction of black Friday; where people go out and get in fights for a sub par discount, on off brand items.

The whole point of the holiday is to give thanks, but as the holiday developed, it has become more of an excuse to eat and shop with a few days off of school or work. People really are thankful for important things yes but it’s not as important as not starving to death. Everyone is thankful for their friends and family but when the holiday began they were thankful that they were alive and not starving.

Then the worst part of thanksgiving is the ever earlier Black Friday which seems to start earlier every year and at this point the sales have started . It takes away from the time that people should be spending with their family when they run out like drones spending their money on useless items.

I have many friends who wrestle and I myself used to everyone who was cutting weight had a terrible time around Thanksgiving because of the endless amount of food presented to them. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has no background to it other than survival and that is not a problem in a first world country. People treat this holiday like it’s a huge deal, yet it’s about food, football and shopping and it does not require time off of school to celebrate, but I am not complaining.

Holiday shopping 2016
Pictured above are eager shoppers waiting to begin shopping on Thanksgiving. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus