Taylor Swift Releases new music after three years of writing



As one of the most recognized female performers of all time, Taylor Swift has to keep outdoing herself again and again. She dropped her last album, 1989,  in the spring of 2014 and she has not made many waves since then.

After having months of social media absences, Swift released a short video of the tail end of a snake. When she broke that silence, she also began a worldwide frenzy of a new TS era. On November 10th, Taylor Swift released  Reputation- an album filled with shade, openness, and raw emotion.

Many news sources have given the album raving reviews and high praise.  Reputation is currently number one on the iTunes, and has sold 717,000 copies in the first 24 hours. The high success rate is not overhyped. This album is her best one yet and is filled with the best songs she has written.

album charts
Reputation has held the Number one albums on iTunes for two weeks now. Photo by Anna Bowling

“I like how it has a new sound yet stays true to some of her old roots. I think it shows how far she’s come and how she’s growing up and changing,” says Ellie Nicholas,11.

This new Taylor era is dark and mysterious. She has songs like “Look What You Made Me Do” which shows her blatant attitude towards those who call her out for just being herself. Swift also has soft songs that show how much she is just trying to be herself, and even edgy collaborations that display the change.

“New Year’s Day is my favorite song! I love cute, and sappy loves songs like this one plus I like the lyrics and the simplicity of it,” Nicholas continues.

Rich and intense, these songs are my favorites that Swift has written. My favorite is also “New Year’s Day,” a soft pop song that offers new beginnings and closure at the same time. Other hits include “Dress” and “Getaway Car,” both of which show sides of Taylor Swift that she has never shared before.

I highly suggest this album to anyone, even those that have not enjoyed Taylor Swift’s music in the past. It is too real and raw for a pass by. Unfortunately the songs are album only right now, and can only be streamed on IHeartRadio.Swift has once again captured the traits of love and heartbreak in a magical way, and earned that number one slot for a reason.

Official album art from Reputation. Photo by Mert and Marcus for Billboard