Netflix Adaptation of Films

Netflix Adaptation of Films


Throughout the many adaptations, originals, and features that Netflix has sponsored across their platform, many different people have had problems with the way that they adapt or remake films.

Critic sites such as Rotten Tomatoes have called Netflix films, “lackluster,” and overall have criticized them for the overall adaptation or idea behind the stories they make.
A recent example of this is Netflix’s adaptation of the popular anime series, “Death Note,” in which they made a live-action film. The reviews of said film have all been less than pleasing, with a lot of attention put on the fact that they, “took the original plot and gave it a good beating,” says Evan Dryer (11).

Many of the other Netflix films and series have been described as insensitive, offensive, and many other choice words. “13 Reasons Why” is a prime example of this. “I really thought that the acting was good, but I believe that the overall story was just unnecessary. It didn’t bring any light to any situation that I didn’t already know about,” claims Evan Dryer (11).

Netflix Death Note Picture
Death Note a Netflix film adaptation. Screenshot by Richie Dietrich

Despite the opinions of many critics and average watchers alike, Netflix has birthed some very popular series such as  “Orange is the New Black,” and “Narcos.” Reasoning for the popularity of “Narcos” is due to the fact that many viewers see the show as a light in a territory unexplored.

Although Netflix has had a lot of success throughout their company’s lifetime, there are countless people that believe that Netflix pops out films and series for cash instead of for the viewers. Examples of these could be the long-awaited “Fuller House,” which was shut down by viewer disappointment mere hours after its release. Also, much of Netflix’s more popular series have lost viewers due to how many episodes they have released.

A prime example of this is the “House of Cards” series. While hundreds of thousands of people began viewing the show, it is estimated that only 15 percent of the original viewers have actually stayed by the show throughout its long five-season run time.

This is not to say that people dislike Netflix making their own series, but through the many critics, fans, and average viewers that each Netflix show has, many of their opinions combine into a short sentence: “Lackluster stories; actors either too good or too bad.”

Netflix Adaptation of Films
Netflix loading screen. Screenshot by Richie Dietrich